Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sample question Situational Judgement

Situational Judgement questions present a possible working scenario, a professional situation, and proposes 4 ways of actions. The candidate has to indicate the most and least appropiate alternative.

In order to correctly approach these questions, the candidate needs first to identify the competency being evaluated and afterwards to analyse the given alternatives from the competency perspective. 

As an extra detail, our questions not only test a specific competency, but also a specific skill/technique/practice linked to the competency.

Sample question:

You begin in a new job and you receive a complex file to study: long emails, complicated reports and archived files. The former colleague in charge of the file will leave tomorrow and you have to prepare an important presentation on the subject by the end of the week. This presentation cannot be postponed. What are you going to do?
a)     Reuse one of the previous presentations made by your colleague;
b)     Ask your colleague for a meeting before leaving to help you in structuring the data and identifying the key issues;
c)     Work over-time in order to read the materials and write a comprehensive presentation;
d)     Extract key issues from the materials, structure them in the presentation, and ask your manager for a review before presenting it.

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